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Freebie - Sticky Notes

Freebie - Sticky Notes

SKU: FR02-SN_2021-lines_dots

This freebie is for the standard 3x3' Sticky Note size. 


What you will get :


2 pages of :

- An A4 sheet of the Sticky Note Template for 6 Sticky Notes.

- An A 4 sheet of lines, squares and dots sticky note designs.


Don't forget to  paste your stickies on the template before printing the designed stickies.


How to get :

1. Proceed to download file.

2. Set your Printer page to 100%

3. Print the TEMPLATE on an A4 sheet. Keep this for all your sticky notes printing.

4. Stick your blank sticky notes onto each square of the template.

5. Load the paper into your printer. (Please check your printer for loading paper).

6. Print the page with the sticky note designs.


Download once and you can print as many times as you want.

Click HERE to get a free PDF reader.

    Click HERE to get a free PDF reader.
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