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A5 Colour Planner Bookmarks - Set of 12 - PDF

A5 Colour Planner Bookmarks - Set of 12 - PDF

SKU: bm02-a5_colors

This is a Printable PDF product. We will not ship you any physical products. The photos are watermarked with our logo - it will not appear in the PDF file.


This is a set of 12 planner Bookmarks or as some call it, Page Finders, that you can write on and easily access your planner pages. 


This set includes top and bottom tabs : Today, This Week, This Month, Groceries, Routine, Expenses, To-Do, Inbox, Notes, and 3 colourful Blanks so you can write your own titles. It also comes with a colourful Blanks back in case you want to print the back of any of the bookmarks.


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