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My New Planner


This year, 2022, I made a drastic planner switch. Why?

There is no why when it comes to switching planners.. I've done it countless times. Sometimes, mid-year through.

The difference this time is I needed an on-the-go, catch-all planner that also doubles up as a wallet. Also it has to fit into a small (ish) bag (without breaking my back and bank account).

My planners have always been A5 size because it goes with my large and messy handwriting. So making a switch to an A6 is drastic for me.

After some research I found this - Moterm’s A6 Luxe. When it arrived in November 2021, I put it to the test immediately. That' when I realised - there weren't many options for true A6 size inserts. This is the reason I gave birth to O Lula Designs – a topic for another day.

Verdict : I am still a messy writer and this A6 planner is working out to be just fine.

Meanwhile, it is the first week of the Chinese New Year and some of us are still celebrating.

So I wish all of you, a peaceful, love-filled and successful Lunar Year of the Tiger ❤️

- Audrey

Artwork designed by Astrid Ana Jansen


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